BIzzare emergency plane landing

Watch emergency plane landing on highway. a small traffic plane made an emergency landing on the New Jersey Turnpike, about five miles east of Philadelphia.

The bizarre landing caused a snarl of Web searches. Immediately, online lookups soared for “emergency plane landing,” “plane lands on highway,” and “traffic plane on highway.” At this point, details are a bit sketchy. However, the AP reports that the landing was precautionary because of a low oil-pressure indicator.


Halo Cloud Over Moscow

Watch the mysterious glowing cloud shape like halo over moscow. Its a cool phenomenon seeing the clouds form like an alien ship hovering above the city. Others likened this halo clouds to an alien ship from the movie Independence day.Mysterious Clouds Like alien Ship
This halo cloud is so good that it seemed like it has been photoshoped. But meterologists has spoken and refute that it has been digitally altered. Also an article from the Daily Mail explains that the "luminous ring-shaped cloud" was simply an optical illussion.
Halo Cloud over MoscowHere's a video of this mysterious clouds. You can also watch this on youtube.


Robots Dance, Fight and Transform at Robo One Competition

Mind controlled, Dancing and Fighting bots these are simply the things featured on this year Japan's Robo-one Competition. There is also on a mini Gundam that gets acts some of the simple gundam actions. Also the mini Gundam won the "best demonstration" award at robo one.

Watch the videos listed below and see how awesome these robots are.
RobotVideo #1:

Robot Video #2 - Gladiator Robot Match

Robot Video #3

Robot Video#4 - Gladiator Robot Match

Robot Video#5 -